News is still filtering in on the alleged split between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

The latest? The mumbling rock star was once so high that he was convinced his wife of 30 years was trying to take him out. And we don't mean to dinner.

According to the Daily Star, things for the now-separated couple came to a head one night when a very drunk Ozzy ran around their mansion screaming, “She’s trying to kill me!”

Realizing that he wasn't screeching out a new Sabbath hit, Sharon moved out of their home after a Molotov-cocktail of drugs in Ozzy's system kept him up for six entire days without sleep. A length of time which would probably fell a lesser mortal.

A source (read: likely paid informant) close to the couple, or rather former couple, said Sharon "just wants out at this point. Ozzy seems to think he can win her back but Sharon isn’t so sure as she’s been living in a private hell."

"It was heartbreaking for her.  He was living in an imaginary world for most of the time and seeing a lot of things that weren’t even there," a different source chimed in. "On occasions, Sharon didn’t even know where he was for hours and sometimes even days.  He was running around in the same clothes all the time, not washing."

Ozzy recently said that yes, he had fallen off the wagon, but that he's been sober for over a month now. Regardless, he insists he and his wife are not divorcing.

At the same time, Sharon's leaning on some celebrity pals like Simon Cowell and Elton John, who sources say are telling her that after surviving cancer and looking after Ozzy for more than three decades, "it’s time to look after herself."

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