Simon Cowell

Madonna Is the Highest Earning Celebrity of 2013
She may be the reigning Queen of Pop, but this year, Madonna holds dominion over all the other celebrities of the world, coming in above directing powerhouse Steven Spielberg and the creator of a million reality singing competitions, Simon Cowell.
Simon Cowell Thought Lauren Silverman Was on the Pill
'X Factor' judge and creator Simon Cowell is currently in the midst of a scandal, and it's all because he impregnated the wife of his friend, who is keeping the baby and naming the rage-filled Brit in their divorce. Which isn't sitting well with him for multiple reasons, including that he was pretty sure she was using birth control.
All About Simon Cowell's Baby Mama, Lauren Silverman
If all the reports we've been seeing over the past day or so are accurate, Simon Cowell will become a first-time father early next year. We know the woman he knocked up, Lauren Silverman, is a (former) friend's estranged wife, and we know her divorce will probably be a trainwreck -- but who exactly is Lauren herself? Here's what we've been able to dig up so far.
Simon Cowell Named in Andrew Silverman's Divorce Papers
When rich people get divorced, it's almost always messy. And when the divorce involves another rich person -- a really super famous one, at that -- it's not just a mess. It's a damned spectator sport. Welcome to the current life and times of one Simon Cowell. He's been named in the divorce papers filed by his former friend Andrew Silverman. Because that's what happens when you go off and get a guy
Simon Cowell's Baby Mama Lauren Silverman Is 'Ecstatic'
When news broke yesterday that cranky reality show judge Simon Cowell is expecting his first child at the age of 53 -- and that his baby mama is a pal's estranged wife, no less -- the entirety of the internet gasped in surprise (and, okay, maybe a little horror).
Picture Perfect
Just in time for the upcoming season of the 'X Factor,' Demi Lovato has reminded us of her amazing love/hate relationship with fellow judge and show creator Simon Cowell -- by sharing a laughably awful old photo of him. And it wasn't the first time. We're assuming she broke into his house ninja-style to obtain the vintage snaps.
Karma Says Hi
Simon Cowell is used to people not appreciating his opinions. But during the finale of 'Britain's Got Talent' on Saturday (June 8), one previously rejected contestant decided she'd take his feedback over easy and pelted him with raw eggs.
'X' Marks the Spot
The saga of who will judge the next season of 'X Factor' is finally over, with former Destiny's Child Kelly Rowland and Mexican singer/actress Paulina Rubio filling the open slots left by the departing Britney Spears and L.A. Reid.
No Homo
Despite gallivanting with all manner of beautiful ladies, Simon Cowell's sexuality seems to constantly be in question. Now the 53-year-old producer and reality-show mogul says it's cool if you think he's gay. (Which, in case you don't know, is exactly how straight people who are totally comfortable with their own sexuality handle such things.)
Britney Spears + Simon Cowell
It’s Britney, of course. She and Simon Cowell were the major star power on the panel of the second season of ‘X-Factor,’ for which Spears became the highest paid celebrity judge on a competition show ever. But since she didn’t act crazy even once, the ratings sagged and she decided not to come back and to go make piles of money elsewhere...
Boring Brit
Apparently Simon Cowell would have rather had Britney Spears beating cars with umbrellas again on 'X Factor' instead of just, you know, showing up late once in a while. The crankypants Brit wanted his own highly-paid Brit to be more entertaining and a bit more of a loose cannon on the struggling Fox show, but instead she was just sort of ... off.
Dating. Kinda.
A whole lot of speculation later, Simon Cowell has confirmed that he is non-exclusively dating model and 'Baywatch' babe Carmen Electra, whose name we're almost surprised anyone still remembers.