Sharon Osbourne

Truth Teller
Uninhibited Osbourne matriarch and 'The Talk' co-host Sharon Osbourne did a recent interview that was just full of dish -- taking direct aim at Justin Bieber and Kanye West, touching on her temporary split from husband Ozzy, and much more.
Sharon on 'Conan'
On last night's 'Conan,' guest Sharon Osbourne did the unthinkable and made host Conan O'Brien uncomfortable -- talking to him about how she plans to give Prince Charles a blowie in exchange for a title, rubbing the knees of everyone in rubbing distance, and explaining how she an…
After recently moving out of the home she shared with Ozzy Osbourne, wife Sharon is back. This, of course, following a series of events in which he was abusing drugs and alcohol to the point where she threatened to stick her foot up his ass if he didn't straighten up and fly right.
Looks like he…
She's Not Kidding
Rumors have been flying every which way that Sharon Osbourne has split from her longtime husband Ozzy Osbourne after he fell off the sobriety wagon.
To clear the air, 'The Talk' co-host discussed the situation on the daytime gabfest today (April 23), saying that the couple is not getting a …
That Would Do It
News is still filtering in on the alleged split between Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.
The latest? The mumbling rock star was once so high that he was convinced his wife of 30 years was trying to take him out. And we don't mean to dinner.
Road to Recovery
Ozzy Osbourne has a colorful, checkered past with substance abuse, and unfortunately fell back into his bad habits.
The Black Sabbath frontman admitted to a recent relapse on his Facebook page, hot on the heels of rumors that he's divorcing from his ever-loyal and super sassy wife, Sharon.
Sharon Osbourne has reportedly moved out of the home she shared with husband Ozzy, and -- if rumors are to be believed -- the crazy train may make an unscheduled stop in divorce court.
'America's Got Talent'
Sharon Osbourne laid to rest all rumors that she quit the reality show 'America's Got Talent' over a feud with fellow judge Howard Stern, saying it all had to do with how NBC treated her son Jack.
NBC, on the other hand, has long since moved on -- it's now scored supermodel Heidi …
Internet Battle Royale
After Lady Gaga penned an open letter to Kelly Osbourne that essentially told her to stop being such a bitch (we're paraphrasing here), Sharon Osbourne jumped in to defend her daughter. As a result, insults are being hurled and fans on both sides are involved in heated slapfights.
In other news:…
Lessons Learned
Sharon Osbourne has announced that she recently underwent a double mastectomy, so spooked was she by carrying a gene that elevated her chances of getting breast cancer.