Chelsea Handler, host of 'Chelsea Lately,' went on 'Conan' to talk to Conan O'Brien about their recent nude shower sketch -- which Handler credits as putting O'Brien on the sexy map -- and a run-in with Jessica Simpson's baby shower.

While Handler is proud that people where so impressed with the late-night host's physique, Conan was offended that the world just assumed he was a hideous monster under his suit. Which he wears to bed at night.

That's when we learn that none of the slaps Conan took in the short were staged, except those that involved penises. (A masochist, he's not.)

After all the nude talk was over, Conan asked Handler about a rumor that she went to Jessica Simpson's baby shower, something Chelsea denied as a big old misunderstanding.

"I've never met her," she said. "I don't really give a sh-- about her."

Seems Handler just happened to be at the shower locale having brunch, and everyone assumed she cared about Simpson's baby. Which, for the record, she doesn't.

Check out the video for the whole story -- and what will happen if you send Handler nude photos of yourself.

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