Little known fact: When Neil Patrick Harris dreams, he dreams in puppet. At least that's the premise of 'Neil's Puppet Dreams,' his brand new web series created along with the Jim Henson Company and written/produced by Harris' longtime partner David Burtka.

The series - NPH's first since the brilliant 'Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog' in 2008 - will be a seven-part web series that appears weekly on the Nerdist YouTube channel and co-stars the Henson Alternative Miscreant Puppets.

The premiere episode above includes a dream in which those anthropomorphic puppets sing sadistic lullabies about what happens to your internal organs when you splat to your death after a free-fall.

“Your limbs will snap off and your organs will burst / You'll look like an art piece by Damien Hirst / Your noggin will crack, turn your brain into cream / So say your good-byes by the end of this dream.”

Definitely not your mom's Jim Henson puppets.

Harris is reportedly a longtime Henson fan and such a puppet enthusiast that he even transformed part of his garage into a puppet workshop. So when Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick (who also helped orchestrate what may be the best Tom Hanks story ever), approached him with the concept for the video series, NPH was a more than receptive audience.

“He was looking for content for his [YouTube] channel and he sent me an email asking if I’d be interested in doing a show that was involving a collaboration with the Jim Henson puppets,” Harris told Entertainment Weekly. “And that’s kind of all you need to say to me.”

Future episodes will feature “drag queens, puppet sex, and nudity.” In other words, just what you always wanted from your puppet shows.