Tom Hanks

Most + Least Trusted
Reader's Digest -- which still exists, apparently -- has released the results of its '100 Most Trusted People In America' poll, and Tom Hanks has been voted as the guy to whom Americans would most likely give their spare house key.
He's That Good
The 2013 Tony nominations are in, and Tom Hanks managed to snag a Best Actor nod for his role in 'Lucky Guy' -- a play some of you might not even know he's in.
Tom Hanks + Meg Ryan
Tom Hanks has skillfully figured out how to promote projects without completely losing his dignity, and somehow manages to stay in the spotlight without doing insane celebrity things like crashing cars, getting married all the time or insulting subcultures...
Bombs Away
Coffee is said to be the universal morning pick-me-up, but Tom Hanks certainly jolted a lot of people awake on Friday morning when he accidentally let an expletive fly on 'Good Morning America' -- thus giving our long-standing love affair with all things Hanks yet another exclamation point…
A Prince Among Men
We snark on a lot of people around here, but one person we don't think we'll ever have occasion to disparage is Tom Hanks. Not only is he talented, he has a wicked sense of humor -- and never forgets the people who made him famous.
In the latest chapter of Tom Being Awesome, we find him appearing on …