Neil Patrick Harris

10 Best Celebrity Coming Out Stories
Coming out of the closet isn't easy for anyone, but when you're famous, it's even harder to announce that you're gay, lesbian, bisexual or anything else outside of the hetero-normative narrative. These celebs bravely came out to the public -- some not necessarily by choice -- and…
Celebrity Tweets of the Day
It may be the last day of July, but that doesn't mean that the events of the month will fade away. Proof? The cronuts fad and jokes about Anthony Weiner are still going strong. Still other people chose to look at the past today, wondering out loud about blenders. Really.
Goin' to the Chapel
The fact that Neil Patrick Harris and longtime partner David Burtka want to get married is reason enough to support the Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) ruling. And according to the pair, who have twins via surrogate, it's only a matter of time before they stroll down the ais…
Rainbow Warriors
When there’s big news in the world, the celebs who do the tweeting take to Twitter and do what they do best. Today, the Supreme Court issued a pair of rulings in favor of gay marriage -- and afterwards, most of the stars were super excited.
NPH Tony Opener
Neil Patrick Harris is no stranger to opening the Tony Awards, and the veteran host gave the audience another great song and dance number for his fourth go-round. With an assist from Mike Tyson, of course.
Host With the Most
We once wished Tina Fey and Amy Poehler could host everything ever, but Neil Patrick Harris would be a close second. And with him, we might just get our wish.
Only a few weeks after we learned he'd have a fourth stint hosting the Tonys, we've learned NPH will also helm the 2013 Emmys.
Wise Choice
Actor, singer, dancer, and all-around awesome dude Neil Patrick Harris is set to host this year's Tony Awards for the fourth time, having previously helmed the show in 2009, 2011 and 2012.
More NPH, Please
Social media afficianado Neil Patrick Harris -- who runs a popular Twitter account -- has expanded his internet reach to include the "let's make everyone a photographer" site Instagram.
His first photos are already so stellar that Madonna should really take note.
NPH + Puppets
Little known fact: When Neil Patrick Harris dreams, he dreams in puppet. At least that's the premise of 'Neil's Puppet Dreams,' his brand new web series created along with the Jim Henson Company and written/produced by Harris' longtime partner David Burtka.