We snark on a lot of people around here, but one person we don't think we'll ever have occasion to disparage is Tom Hanks. Not only is he talented, he has a wicked sense of humor -- and never forgets the people who made him famous.

In the latest chapter of Tom Being Awesome, we find him appearing on a podcast, thanks in large part to a smart gift from the show's host. And the letter Hanks sent in response is made of perfection.

In July, Chris Hardwick, who helms the Nerdist Podcast, decided he wanted Hanks on the show. Knowing that the Oscar-winning actor must get a zillion such requests, Chris sent Tom -- a noted typewriter collector -- a lovely 1934 Smith Corona along with his typed plea for an appearance still tucked in the carriage.

Not long after, Hanks responded with the letter below, also typed on the Corona:


And true to his word, Hanks appeared on the Nerdist Podcast this week, after which Hardwick wrote, "Tom Hanks is a glimmering example of what every person who is fortunate enough to live his/her dreams should aspire to be and will definitely sit atop my pantheon of role models in fashionable yet not-too-revealing Zeus robes."

So between this and those Reddit photos and the Emmy-as-hood-ornament stunt, yeah. We freakin' love Tom Hanks. (But it's probably a good thing not all stars are as affable or this site would get mushy with a quickness.)

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