It may be the last day of July, but that doesn't mean that the events of the month will fade away. Proof? The cronuts fad and jokes about Anthony Weiner are still going strong. Still other people chose to look at the past today, wondering out loud about blenders. Really.

Actress and Broadway baby Kristin Chenoweth gave some advice to Anthony Weiner. Through song.

Ryan Seacrest wants to know what people used to use blenders for.

We suppose Neil Patrick Harris is having a pretty good day.

Anna Kendrick may have met a serial-killer today.

Yup, Kesha is still making jewelry out of teeth.

Judah Friedlander takes aim at T-Mobile because T-Mobile.

Yes, Jesse Tyler Ferguson's first dance at his wedding was to a Rihanna song, but not that one.

Patton Oswalt will henceforth live his life according to the rules of 'Lethal Weapon.'

Author Joyce Carol Oates dislikes Skyler White for all the wrong reasons.

Richard Roeper is confused that the world's tweeting like it's 1999.

And tonight, Jimmy Fallon will teach you what a cronut is. Woot!

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