MS MR have shared a new song from their upcoming sophomore effort, How Does It Feel, and "Criminals" is the best one we've heard yet.

"Criminals" brings the thundering, anthemic quality shared by "Bones" on their previous album, Secondhand Rapture — a signature sound that prompted HBO to choose "Bones" for their Season 3 trailer back in 2012. "You're a crook, I'm a thief / You're the heart, I'm the beat / We're a mess but we try real life / We can hardly breathe, I can't leave," Lizzy Plapinger, one half of MS MR, sings rapid-fire.

The song features some of the most impressive vocal work Plapinger's ever put forth, ranging from throaty lows to sweet-as-spun-sugar highs. It's crashing beat may propel you to take a cue from the animated motorcycle in the video above and bring this track along on a romantic road trip.

"Criminals" is the third song the New York and London-based duo have shared from their new album. Member Max Hershenow talked to Billboard earlier this year about what to expect from How Does It Feel.  "I think we got much better about developing skills we didn't have on the first record, like 'Okay, we want to write a dance song right now that's still rooted in the MS MR aesthetic.'"

"It feels massive -- we were pleasantly surprised with how big everything feels. Everything feels more upbeat and high-energy," Hershenow continued.

Plapinger told Billboard, "After playing on big festival stages and beginning work on this record, we wanted to hear the record live. We were really excited that we were trained on the stage, and it sort of took on this goal where we wanted to create music where we could dance around and become ourselves in a way we'd become accustomed to onstage."

We're definitely looking forward to seeing "Criminals" performed live. How Does It Feel will be released on July 17.

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