Little Mix sure are taking their sweet time putting out their third album. They disappointed an entire country when they canceled their entire North American tour so many moons ago, doing a huge disservice to their vastly underrated sophomore effort, Salute. But they did it in the name of new music and we trust them, so who are we to get upset, right?

According to an ad flashing across the top of a website, maybe they made the right decision after all. A string of words emblazoned on a banner posted on the site claims that Little Mix's infectious summer single "Black Magic" garnered the largest number of preorders in the UK so far this year.

Despite the fact that the track hit radio and streaming sites a few weeks ago, enough people still pre-order music to earn them the aforementioned accomplishment. Their promo campaign for the single has been relentless, with countless Instagram videos and tweets all posted in an attempt to encourage fans to purchase the single — and it worked.

There's no word yet as to when their still unnamed, upcoming album will be released. Maybe it's stuck in an alternate universe somewhere, along with R8.

Have you contributed to those "Black Magic" sales yet? The single is officially out in the UK today (July 10), but there's always time to join Little Mix's legion of fans and make the purchase over at iTunes.

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