He may have roots as a common thief, but these days, Captain Jack Sparrow is only stealing hearts.

Johnny Depp, who's played the Pirates of the Caribbean thief across four films (a fifth is on the way), paid a visit to young patients who are receiving treatment at Lady Cliento Children’s Hospital in Brisbane, Australia recently, and in a video of the stopover above, the sight of the seaman has the kids convinced they've stumbled upon a mass of buried treasure.

Depp, who's joined by Scrum (played by Stephen Graham) in the video, nearly brings a girl to tears as soon as he crosses through the facility's threshold. "No way!" she squeaks before the actor vows to take her to the "room of spiders." Evidently, that's not a deterrent for the Depp's young fan, and she obliges with a hug.

The men proceed to meet children through the halls, pose for selfies ("If there's other people in it then why do you call it a selfie?" Depp asks) and even send a message to viewers.

"I want to salute you, all of you, for your bravery and your courage," Depp says to the camera.

The segment was shot as part of Juicedan Australian TV show that follows child patients and their siblings through the ups and downs of life inside the hospital's walls.

Check out the clip, and hang tight for Dead Men Tell no Tales, which will hit theaters in July 2017.

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