Justin Bieber has found himself jumping from the proverbial frying pan into the fire lately, dealing with allegations of spitting in people's faces and being responsible for nightclub brawls. Not to mention things we can verify like peeing in mop buckets.

Enter bad girl Miley Cyrus to defend his honor, who has come under fire herself for not wearing pants and twerking like it's going out of style. Which we really hope it is.

"Justin started as a baby," Miley started off her defense, probably not realizing that this is the way all human beings start out on this planet (with the exception of Merlin and Benjamin Button). "He had a lot of success early and he’s trying to adjust."

She added, "If I was Justin Bieber I’d be walking around with my top off too. He’s looking good, he’s 19, he can have any girl he wants and can do pretty much anything he wants."

The "he can do anything because he's Justin Bieber" defense is also used by his legions of Beliebers, who forgive him for fake things like punching his grandma and peeing on the American flag. Way to be, Miley.

"I think it’s important not to abuse it but everyone does dumb stuff when they get messed up," she concluded. It's a good thing he has another eleven years of being a mess before he has to become a functioning member of society.

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