Miley Cyrus can't stop, and she specifically can't stop putting her foot in her painted, veneer-filled mouth.

The 'Hannah Montana' star turned self-proclaimed "urban" singer accidentally butt-tweeted a conversation in which she talks about popping a Xanax because she's miserable -- and in a separate incident, claimed the world was jacking her swag. Okay.

In a tweet that's since been erased, Cyrus posted a conversation with someone named FeFe, ostensibly never-was singer FeFe Dobson, in which she wrote, "I'm miserable ... Been crying myself to sleep. Taking a zanny trying to pass out .... Goodnight."

Too bad for Cyrus, the since-deleted tweet lives on in screenshots:


In another tweet following, she tried to backpedal:


In other news, Cyrus is sick of her now infamous short hair, telling a German TV show that she hopes to have a "pony down to her butt" next time they see her -- because the whole world is copying off of her completely original image.

"I like to always be different," Cyrus said, lacking any hint of self-awareness. "Everyone has cut their hair to look just like me. When you walk in and see a bunch of other yous ... Elvis said it's the greatest form of flattery when other people copy you."

We bet Rihanna and Pink are really honored, then. Take a seat, Cyrus.

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