Just when you thought Miley Cyrus couldn't get any more rebellious than driving around with blow-up dolls, dancing with strippers and cropping her bleach-blonde hair super short, she goes and dyes that hair blue.

Or, if her Twitter is to be believed, silver with highlights that make it look blue in every single photo.

We guess everyone kept asking Cyrus about her new hair color (or she was tired of media outlets claiming her 'do is senior citizen-hued), because she tweeted, “My hurrr ain't blue. That sh--'s PLATINUM.”

And then:

Believe her, or believe your lyin' eyes. Up to you.

Miley showed off her Smurf-colored hair over the weekend while wearing an all black outfit with a crop-top and high-waisted pants. (Man, Steve Urkel's gonna be really pissed when he finds out this is cool now.)

Anthony, Pacific Coast News
Anthony, Pacific Coast News