Hey guys, Miley Cyrus is so badass now that we don't even remember she was once child idol Hannah Montana.

Just kidding, we still totally remember that. Which just makes her recent buzzed locks and her performance next to strippers on Dec. 9 that much more the desperate cry for attention that it is.

Look at me, I'm a grown up. LOOK AT ME! Daaaad! You're not looking!

Cyrus is no stranger to a stripper pole, having performed on one atop an ice cream truck to the delight horror of her father back when she was 16 at the Teen Choice Awards.

Now she's done the adult version of that, singing between two live topless dancers at dubstep favorite Borgore's 'Christmas Creampies' concert/throbbing sweaty get together.

Cyrus performed her part in Borgore's song 'Decisions' while wearing ... well, comparatively speaking, it was clothing. If you can call a midriff and cleavage-baring cut out top, high-waisted black pants and knee high snakeskin boots "clothing."

Miley seems pretty comfortable with adult entertainers lately. Her co-star in the 'Decisions' video was porn star Jessie Andrews, and afterwards Cyrus got a million-dollar offer to star in a XXX flick herself.

But at this rate, it won't be long before she'll be doing it for just the price of a concert ticket.

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