Miley Cyrus is embracing her new try-hard image to the fullest. After spending her birthday with a stripper (correction: a "big booty ho"), the unfortunately coiffed starlet spent the early hours of Christmas Eve with a sex doll. Because she's such a rebel!

Cyrus posted the photo of the blue-haired blowup doll in the passenger seat with the caption, "Does this count for the carpool lane? Such a nice Xmas gift."

The former 'Hannah Montana' starlet complements the tacky snapshot with a pallor complexion, red lips and a duck face pout.

It's unclear who gave Cyrus such a thoughtful, tasteful gift, but it seems appropriate for the 'Decisions' singer. This is the same young lady who grinded with strippers onstage with Borgore, because she's like, so edgy!

In fact, Cyrus cares so little what you think that she posts photo after photo and tweet after tweet about her actions.

Miley, give it a rest. The world is looking at you, but not because you're cool. More because you're starting to look like you won't let us cross your bridge unless we answer your riddle.