"I'm f---ing terrified," Miley Cyrus grinned as she jettisoned about two miles high in the air. The starlet, dropping F-bombs like they were going out of style, was getting ready to "jump out of a f---ing plane."

As the airplane door began to open, a goggle-sporting Cyrus added, "I'm f---ing scared!"

Soon, Cyrus and her instructor burst out of the aircraft in a tandem dive, hurtling through clouds towards Earth, which is still reeling from her disastrous-for-everything-but-column-inches MTV VMAs performance. Cyrus managed to keep her tongue in her mouth for most of the dive, but let it slip just before the parachute opened (likely much to the chagrin of parents everywhere).

"I'm finally a bird," Cyrus coos in the clip, "like I always wanted to be ... This is so beautiful. I'm so happy."

Rolling Stone noted that Cyrus called her mom as soon as she landed, then quipped, "One thing about skydiving -- you really know who you love, based on who you call."

She may love her mother, but geez. Does she kiss her with that mouth?

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