Pretty much every night for the past decade, late night host Jimmy Kimmel has said Matt Damon would be a guest on his titular show -- and then at the end of each program, Kimmel always claims Damon's appearance had to be scrapped for time reasons.

On Thursday night, Matt got his revenge. He kidnapped Jimmy and completely took over his show, thus ending the running joke that was told a total of 1,205 times.

With Damon at the helm, the show was renamed to 'Jimmy Kimmel Sucks!' as Kimmel was forced to watch the proceedings while tied to a rolling chair. “But tonight you didn't run out of time for me, did you Jimmy? Nooooo,” Damon maniacally laughed at the camera. “No, I ran out of time for you.”

What followed was an hour of Matt Damon mocking Jimmy Kimmel, complete with a star-studded cast to help him out.

He replaced Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo with Andy Garcia and put Sheryl Crow in place as his new bandleader. Robin Williams performed the monologue, and Damon interviewed his friends Gary Oldman, Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams and Kimmel's ex Sarah Silverman.

Meanwhile, Andy Garcia was outside throwing rocks at celebs like alcoholic Reese Witherspoon and bicycle-riding Demi Moore.

The only person who didn't side with Damon? His BFF Ben Affleck. Of course.

After the show, Kimmel took to Twitter with a warning to Damon.

We would like to petition the White House to have Matt Damon to take over the show on the regular. It'll give Kimmel more time to run celebrity Twitter accounts anyway.

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