'Modern Family' actress Julie Bowen lost a bet to Jimmy Kimmel -- and in return lost access to her Twitter account for an entire 24-hour period of hilarity to the late night comedian.

Kimmel challenged Bowen, an avid runner, to a race around the studio on his show 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' after she mocked his workout routine (which includes walking on a treadmill in his office). The prize? The winner would get to commandeer the loser's Twitter account for a day.

Jimmy emerged victorious, taking the keys to @itsJulieBowen along with him.

But if you weren't in on the joke or missed the tweet explaining what exactly was happening, you probably thought the actress had a few cocktails and went on a bender-fueled tweeting rampage. Which might just be the best thing ever.

We've included our five favorite missives below (the rest of the take-over can be viewed over on The Hollywood Reporter).

Also, can Jimmy Kimmel please take over celebrity Twitter accounts on a regular basis?