Remember that disastrous "twerking fail" that went viral and, well, caught fire? Turns out it was a hoax!

Jimmy Kimmel and the "twerker," Caitlin Heller (not her real name, but more on that later) revealed the truth on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'

When the twerker, Heller, appeared via Skype to Kimmel, he asked her why the clip stopped so suddenly and where the rest of the footage went. "It got a little intense, but I do have the rest of the footage if you want to see it," she told him sheepishly.

It was then revealed that Heller was actually in Kimmel's studio, not on Skype, and they sat together to watch the rest of the video.

The rest of the footage is comprised of Kimmel entering through the door with a fire extinguisher to put out the flames on Heller's now-infamous yoga pants. The best part? Kimmel wore the exact same outfit (black and pink yoga pants and hot pink T-shirt) as Heller.

Kimmel revealed that they shot the video two months ago and posted it on YouTube, but didn't send it to any TV stations -- it just went viral on its own, completely organically. "We just let the magic happen," Kimmel admitted, "and the magic did happen -- it got 9 million views in less than a week."

And as it turns out, mot only was it filmed within Kimmel's studio, but the twerker's real name isn't even Caitlin Heller, and she's not a college student -- she's a pro stunt woman named Daphne Avalon!

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