Matt Damon's tour to prove that he is the most awesome guy in Hollywood rolled in to the University of Nebraska's Lincoln campus Wednesday (July 10), where he attended student orientation with his nephew -- no entourage, no attitude, nothing but smiles and photos all around.

The best part? He wore a name tag, just like everybody else.

According to Huskers Illustrated, Matt's nephew is Ismail Jackson, a recently enrolled football prospect from South Florida. (Damon married Jackson's aunt, Luciano Barroso, in 2005.)

So how did one of the biggest movie stars on the planet wind up on a Nebraska college campus?

“He really wanted to come,” Jackson says. “My aunt couldn't go, but my uncle said he wanted to go and he really wanted to go up there and see it. That’s how he ended up coming here.”

School spokesman Steve Smith tells that Matt -- whose name tag, by the way, read "M. Damon," just in case there was any doubt -- was a model attendee at the orientation, where he "listen[ed] attentively to the information about the school, student life and our academic mission.”

UNL junior Cory Foland was one of many students on campus taking pictures with the Oscar winner and tweeting about their experiences:

“We didn't [recognize] him at first but then we took a second look,” Foland says. “[Damon] said he was there with his nephew for orientation. He was super nice and let us take pictures and talk to him. It definitely was an awesome lifetime experience.”

Foland's pal Tanner Hannappel posted a photo (and rather hilarious caption) of his own:

Meanwhile, Damon's nephew reports that the actor was impressed with the school and nearly wiped out the Huskers campus store. “He racked up so much Husker gear at the bookstore,” Jackson says. “He bought everything.”

No word yet on whether Brad Pitt has erupted in a rage, once again jealous over Damon's ability to roam the earth without an entourage.

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