Earlier this week, newly-sober (as of this writing, anyway) Lindsay Lohan launched a new website that includes things like a blog, personal photos and videos of interviews.

On Aug. 15, LiLo -- or someone posting as LiLo -- wrote:

To my fans,

Welcome to my new site… Your support has been everything.
I’m so excited for what’s next. xo

All my love,

Posts on the site go back to her April interview with David Letterman, and the most recent entries include a preview of her upcoming sit-down with Oprah, Pinterest-style photo collages signed by "Team Lohan," and an alternate trailer that Kanye West did for Lindsay's movie 'The Canyons.'

The site is clearly part of Lohan's rebranding efforts, which include that aforementioned Oprah interview (airing Aug. 18) and an eight-part docuseries set for next year.

So it's no surprise the bio section of the website (which describes her as an "actress, model, singer, and icon" who's "one of the most-loved and most-talked about Hollywood stars of our time") concludes, "Poised for an epic return to the spotlight, undoubtedly all eyes will be locked on Lindsay."

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