Jason Mecier is a huge Lindsay Lohan fan. So huge, in fact, that he created a portrait of the troubled starlet out of trash. The art piece took over 50 hours to make and is constructed entirely of recycled materials, unloved objects and garbage -- all inspired by La Lohan herself.

Wethinks we smell a metaphor in there somewhere.

Specific materials include: Jewelry (begged, borrowed or stolen, we assume), sunglasses, credit cards, cell phones, empty bottles of alcohol, handcuffs, Visine, prescription bottles, LiLo's CDs and DVDs, some collectible nail files from 'Mean Girls,' not one but four ant traps, Monistat 7 (don't think about it don't think about it don't think about it), eight Q-tips, a tampon and 29 cigarette butts.

And a court order in a pear treeeeeeee.

We also spy with our little eyes: Playing cards, Altoids, rolling papers, designer logos, an advertisement for Botox, batteries, calculators, writing utensils and Nicorette gum.

Said Mecier of his intensive labor of love, “I love Lindsay! I'm a huge fan! She seems to love publicity and controversy so I think she will like it. It's all in fun. This would look great hanging in [her] living room.”

Check out more of Jason's work on his website.

Jason Mecier, Pacific Coast News
Jason Mecier, Pacific Coast News
Jason Mecier, Pacific Coast News