Even though the general consensus is that Lindsay Lohan is doing great post-rehab, it seems that she couldn't enjoy her stay without a healthy share of drama.

New rumors have surfaced that La Lohan had a gentleman friend in treatment -- and that once her counselors found out, they gave the guy the boot and read Lohan the riot act.

A source who attended rehab with Lohan for her most recent stint claims that the actress had a boyfriend almost immediately after undergoing treatment for alcohol and Adderall addiction.

"Prior to Lindsay's arrival I was roommates with the guy who ended up dating her. When she came, the first or second day they ended up kissing and it was on from there," the source dished to Radar Online.

"The guy was actually dating someone else in rehab at the time and Lindsay told him he needed to get rid of that other girl and be with her only," the spy revealed. "She was really territorial with him."

While the boys loved Lilo, the girls were another story.

The source continued, "The guy who owns Cliffside slacked on the rules for Lindsay, but they got cocky with their relationship and people got uncomfortable with the situation, saying they couldn't do that stuff when people are trying to get well. It was the Lindsay show. Drama."

The spy revealed that Lohan is still with the mystery man, but it's not all roses. It is, however, almost all sugar.

"The guy was nice to her, but it was fake. He would talk s--- about her behind her back. Lindsay basically bought his affection. One time she bought him like seven pairs of shoes online at one time!"

The insider added, "I know that's why he was asked to leave, because Cliffside made a big scene about it. They interviewed everyone about it, and all the girls ratted them out because they hated Lindsay."

Just a reminder: Take this entire story with a grain of salt. If Lohan has demonstrated anything, it's poor decisionmaking -- but it's also that those dealing with addictions may not be the most honest ... especially when a quick cash grab is at stake.

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