Charity case Lindsay Lohan had her home made over by Bravo and it's all set to air for your viewing pleasure -- even though LiLo bailed and the house has since been trashed.

In the episode of 'Million Dollar Decorators,' designer Kathryn Ireland arrives at Lohan's rented Hollywood Hills home (the one she can't afford) to give the train wreck starlet a consultation, but first she asks her son to Google the actress so she can see what movies Lindsay has been in recently.

He laughs and replies, “I don't think she's had any movies recently,” adding that she's more likely to be seen “on the news getting a DUI.”

But Ireland reminds her son, “You've got to get your first prison sentence out of the way. Like your first marriage." Nice parenting there, lady. Now we know how criminals are made.

After promising her nonplussed sons that she will invite Lindsay and her sister over for dinner, the designer heads over to LiLo's home which she says is like “'Gone With the Wind,' but smaller.”

Lohan gives a tour of the sparse space, which she "decorates" by throwing Chanel handbags all over the place when boredom strikes. She tells Ireland she wants the new design to be "French cottage mixed with shabby chic." Also "very princess-y, like Plaza Athènèe," she added, name-dropping the luxury five-star hotel.

She may have more mug shots than the hotel has stars, but that's the kind of decadence in which she thinks she deserves to live.

Kathryn promises to create a home that will "make her feel secure" and "really ground her" on a budget of $250,000. None of which Lindsay paid for herself, of course.

You'd think she'd be grateful for all the freebies and cooperate with production accordingly, but reports indicate that since the actual makeover, LiLo has refused to allow the camera crew back inside to tape the final "reveal" episode with her reaction.

And in the eight months she's been avoiding them, the house has supposedly become such a wreck that no one wants to film it now anyway -- which means some serious editing had to be done to put the show together. The first half airs on Jan. 1.

As for the mess (both literal and figurative) that Lindsay created, a Bravo representative clearly experienced in the air of spin said, “Lindsay was not available for the reveal shoot, but we were still able to capture the outcome, just like we do for many of the reveal episodes. The final reveal will be featured in the last episode of the season on January 8."

"Also," the rep didn't add, "does anyone know how to get the stench of cigarettes and flop sweat out of silk?"

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