Just two days ago, hit-and-run aficionado Amanda Bynes was whining that she didn't understand why everyone kept comparing her to Lindsay Lohan since the two aren't alike at all, except for that whole "child stars gone woefully awry" thing that makes them exactly alike.

And early Wednesday morning, Lohan not only proved the point, she one-upped her rival by getting arrested -- for hit-and-run. Because THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

TMZ reports that late Tuesday night, LiLo was parking her Porsche Cayenne near the Dream Hotel in downtown Manhattan when she allegedly hit a guy's knee at a "very low speed." Sources said one of Lindsay's passengers got out to check the car (but apparently not the person) for damage and found nothing, so the posse went inside the hotel.

Someone called the police while they were gone, so when Linds came out a couple hours later, she was arrested for leaving the scene of an accident. And as she was taken into custody, she reportedly screamed to her friends, "Call my dad! Call my dad!" because, yeah, Michael Lohan is exactly the guy who could get you out of trouble.

Alcohol didn't seem to be involved (how novel), but Lindsay was taken to the station and got another mugshot to add to her growing collection. However, since the charge this time was a misdemeanor, she was released with a desk appearance ticket and didn't have to pay bail.

As per usual, Lindsay is claiming innocence and says she didn't even know she'd hit anyone until she was in handcuffs, and she denies anyone ever got out of the car to check for damages. She also says the incident is "really fishy" because the guy she supposedly hit has no visible injuries.

For once, she may be telling the truth. Her alleged victim was the manager of a hookah lounge (seriously) who initially said he was fine -- until he found out who supposedly hit him. Now he's lawyered up and plans to file charges. But surveillance video of the incident may come back to bite him.

Regardless, Lindsay says she'll fight this to the end, which is probably a good plan -- since she's on probation right now from that jewelry theft case, this latest mess could land her in jail. Again.