Liam Payne -- one part of the boy band One Direction -- says he and his family were treated badly by security at the Empire State Building on Tuesday, and he retaliated with a poorly-spelled tweet when the staffers didn't know who he was.

And then he got royally pwned. By a building.

Payne tweeted in a now deleted rant: "The senior security supervisor was arrogant, unprofessional and extreamly disrespectful to my family @EmpireStateBldg #TheresAlwaysTimeForManors"

Because there's nothing worse than "extreamly" bad "manors."

The Empire State Building account later tweeted back at Liam, and even used his native British spelling to make sure he understood:

Embarrassed at being told off by a New York City monument, Payne quickly rescinded his snarky, barely-legible tweet and posted an apology in its place:

Well, good. We're glad that's settled.

How glad?

Extreamly glad.

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