One Direction member Liam Payne still can't seem to understand that not everyone knows who he is.

He threw a hissy fit online back in December because the Empire State Building wasn't aware of his existence, and now he's attacking Boy George, who mistook him for his bandmate Niall Horan at the 2013 Brit Awards.

The trouble started when Boy George adorably brought his niece to the English awards show to meet the members of 1D, specifically Horan, but they ran into the most self- righteous member, Liam Payne, instead.

Harry Styles for taking a photo with his niece -- and then slammed Liam for being less than respectful.

Liam responded in a now
deleted tweet, telling the newly
svelte Boy George he was weird-looking and that strange hats are totes not cool.

now now boy lets not tell porkies firstly thanks for getting my name wrong three times secondly then asking me where is liam?...akward then when you finally got it right saying you wanted Niall instead. if you would have asked me for a picture i would have stopped bro I just did what you said and pointed niall out for you so u just keep wearing ur strange hats and enjoy yourself my little Georgie pie... It's still not cool you just look wierd

After getting pestered by 1D fans, Boy George pwned Liam with a series of tweets.

To which Liam responded in another now deleted missive:

do you really want to hurt meeee do you really want to make me cryyy come on 'boy' lighten up ... Can I borrow a hat and make up for next Halloween I'd love to look as scary as you.

Followed by a winky face, the internet's passive-aggressive way of saying "I'm kidding but not really."

Very clever, Liam. But before you get too full of yourself, just remember that 30 years later, we still know the words to Culture Club songs. One Direction should be so lucky.

A little respect where it's due, kid.

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