Plenty of girls idolize their mothers. Even if said mother is pimp Kris Jenner -- but we wouldn't expect anything less from Kim Kardashian.

Let's see, a woman who allegedly made a deal to sell her own daughter's sex tape and was accused of cheating on her husband to the detriment of her children. Yeah, that sounds about right.

“My role model really is my mom. I know that’s like, so cliché to say,” Kim revealed during her interview for the April 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan.

“I have the tendency to get [so] focused in on working that I don’t take time out to have fun," she said, reminding us how cute it is that she thinks what she does is actual work. "But my mom shows me that you can kind of do all of that and live a really happy life.”

You know, like pushing her children into TV gigs they don't necessarily want so they can stay in the spotlight.

Oh, Kimye Babye. We already fear for your soul.

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