While the first family of reality TV is celebrating its newest addition, the rest of the world is buzzing about her unique name: North West. And Kris Jenner divulged the meaning behind it to Access Hollywood, as heard on PopCrush With Access Hollywood's Billy Bush.

"I was kind of expecting something a little different," Kris admits. "You know, because I know the two of them and I knew that they would, you know, pick something unique. But [daughter Kim Kardashian] explained to me, North means the highest power — that north is their highest point together."

This backs up previous reports that said essentially the same thing, but at least now it's official.

During her chat, Kris also got candid about Kim's relationship with Kanye West, who has been a family friend for more than 10 years.

"I think that there is just a really nice friendship and a bond there for sure where you knew this person that you like and admire," Kris said, adding, "And [you] respect that he's always ... part of a friendship or a part of family."

Thankfully, she was asked the question we all want to know: Does Kris text Kanye?

"Yeah, I mean, you know. My ring tone is 'Gold Digger,'" Kris said.

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