Oprah may have gotten the big Lance Armstrong sit-down, but he's already yesterday's news. The disgraced athlete du jour? That's Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, whose imaginary girlfriend (and her fake death) have grabbed headlines since last week.

Everyone wanted his first on-camera interview about the scandal -- and in another example of sisters doin' it for themselves, Katie Couric snagged the prize.

The insane story has since caused speculation about why Manti was targeted, just how Ronaiah Tuiasosopo (hoax creator and talent show auditioner) was involved, and if it's possible Te'o himself had a hand in concocting the story to garner sympathy and Heisman votes.

Te'o and his parents Brian and Ottilia will appear on Couric's daytime show 'Katie' on Jan. 24 to discuss the messy situation.

He'll reportedly tell Katie about the "relationship" with Lennay Kekua -- with whom he had a strictly online romance -- her supposed death from leukemia on the same day his (very real) grandmother died, what part he played in the sympathetic narrative of the story, and how he felt after realizing his dead girlfriend never existed in the first place.

The interview will air across ABC programs such as 'Good Morning America,' 'World News,' 'Nightline,' ABCNews.com and ABC News Radio, after which we like to imagine Katie giving a mental middle finger to everyone else who wanted the interview.

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