Journalist Katie Couric was on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on Thursday night (Jan. 31), and after some prompting, she told the most horrifying story now implanted in the minds of humanity. Specifically, that one time she went on a date with living fossil and suspender-wearing Larry King.

Granted, he wasn't quite so fossilized when this happened 25 years ago (Couric was 30 at the time), but still. At that point in her life, she'd decided to go out with anyone who asked because oh the things she'd learn. And how.

As if the two decade gap between them wasn't strange enough, they were seated next to each other at dinner and Larry ate veal poached in chicken stock because he'd just had triple bypass surgery. According to Katie (in her most sarcastic voice), “It was hot!”

"We had a nice enough time and we're going home and I see that we're going over [Arlington] Memorial Bridge, and this is not the way to my apartment. I said, 'Larry, where are we going?' And he said, 'My place.' Oh mother of god," Katie recalled.

This is the part where things get even more awkward.

When they get to his apartment, it's decorated in the various awards and honors he'd won. Keys to the city, proclamations about Larry King Day. It was pretty much a giant shrine to himself. “That was sexy,” she continued to joke.

"So we sat there, and what can I say? He lunged ... and I started laughing a little bit because the whole situation was out of a bad Lifetime movie,” Couric recalled. “I said, 'Larry, you are such a nice man, but I would like to meet someone a little closer to my age.'"

This is of course a completely different story from the one King told Jimmy back in 2009, in which he claimed that absolutely nothing happened and that his current executive producer was her roommate at the time. Couric, however, says she didn't have a roommate when the Worst Date in the History of Ever took place.

You know what they say: In any story, there's his side, her side, and the part where we wish we hadn't heard either one.

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