Katie Couric's talk show 'Katie' is still on the air, gaining more traction than Anderson Cooper's sadly canceled daytime effort.

So to celebrate her 100th episode, Katie had a 'Friday Happy Hour' episode on Feb. 22, on which Joan Rivers and her daughter Melissa appeared. But what wound up on the air was not the entirety of the interview.

A source from WE-TV told the New York Daily News that “Joan left the show furious with Katie and her producers, vowing to never return" after the usually chipper Couric was snarkier than Rivers expected.

Joan supposedly got upset when Katie's soft balls turned to curve balls, asking the legendary comedienne why she's so "self-absorbed," enjoys injecting herself into drama, and says "nasty things about celebrities."

Lest you forget, Katie is, after all, still a respectable journalist. She had tough questions, and she wanted answers.

But Joan, who likely expected to do a solid five minutes of Botox and Adele jokes, was so steamed that she talked producers out of airing that portion of the interview. The final product focused on easier questions, with Katie calling Joan a "driven person" who wants to "stay in the game."

“My job is to make people laugh,” Rivers responded. “I love what I do.”

Meanwhile, another source said there was a good reason Couric was edgier than usual.

“It is no secret that Katie hates doing gossipy type interviews ... [When she's] asked to do something she doesn’t want to do, the mean girl part of her personality comes out," the insider revealed. "Unfortunately for her, Joan is the same way.”

Too bad the dishy stuff hit the cutting room floor.

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