Today (July 10) was a big day for celebrity Twitterers. If they weren’t calling each other out (yes, Colin Quinn, we saw all of your angry tweets to David Spade, we just chose to ignore them), they were coming up with new catchphrases, waking up from their four-day benders, or learning they were witches.

According to Katie Couric, Katniss and Django are popular baby names. (Way to go, parents. These children will not like you.)

In a very scandalous tweet indeed, Richard Marx accuses Daisy Fuentes of satanic shenanigans.

Ever respectful of nature, Dax Shepard pays homage to his breakfast. And the yogurt container it came in.

Get your screenprint machine and blank T-shirts ready. Kristen Schaal came up with a new catchphrase.

Is it us or did Diane Sawyer just wake up from a four-day weekend drunk?

Richard Belzer pulls a 'Law & Order' on Jimmy Fallon, and says the thing that we’ve been thinking.

We should see if Sara Bareilles floats. Just in case.

We can only hope Lea Michele appreciates the irony of tweeting “let’s get this day going” in the middle of the afternoon.

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