When you’re a celebrity and you tell stories involving other celebrities, you have to be very careful -- because when those other celebrities hear your version of the story, they may have something to say about it.

Katie Couric learned a big lesson on her own talk show this week about telling tales out of school and the lunge heard 'round the world.

Celebrity stories can really haunt you. Almost as much as celebrity dating experiences can.

A few months ago, while appearing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Katie was asked about a date she once had with Larry King. This was her telling of the story:

But it seems like Larry might have had a different memory of the whole thing. Because during Katie’s “Best Friends” show this week, her very own BFF had a little surprise for her: Larry King, who showed up to help refresh Katie's memory on what really went down:

So? Did he lunge? Did they kiss? Did Katie want to see his surgery scar? Was it actually the Lifetime movie she remembers it to be?

According to Katie, they have “different recollections” of what happened. Which translates to ... we'll never know.

If nothing else, it seems the two broadcasters have at least made amends and agree to disagree. And come on, you can’t stay mad at Katie Couric -- or her very nice legs.

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