Every once in a while, something happens that reminds you how serendipitous the universe can be. Case in point? Kanye West walking headfirst into a pole.

Kim Kardashian and Yeezy were taking a stroll over the weekend, navigating paparazzi, when Ye decided he was Rhino, the most underutilized Spider-Man villain, and basically rammed a street sign with his melon, hoping the ego stuffed inside would cushion the blow. (Sadly, it didn't.)

You don't actually see the moment of impact, but you certainly hear it and see his pained reaction. Meanwhile, Kim -- dressed like a pregnant Morticia Addams -- kinda sorta tended to him but mainly said nothing and feigned helpfulness in a performance just as good as the one she turned out for that Tyler Perry movie.

Kanye then returned a few minutes later to unleash hell on the paparazzi -- because it's their fault he wasn't watching where he was going -- shouting, "Don't take no photos! Stop it! All of you motherf---ers stop it!" in his best Veruca Salt voice.

Let this be a litmus test for you: Real gods can walk through poles. And are invulnerable to photos.

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