Turns out Kanye West, who recently attacked yet another paparazzo (one who wanted to sue him this time), won't be prosecuted for his actions. And none of it has to do with the fact that no one knows what his actions ever are.

Initially some thought Kanye would be dinged for allegedly trying to steal the photographer's camera, but according to what a little birdie whispered to TMZ, there's no proof of any theft (real or attempted) -- so the DA won't file charges.

Well, sure. Maybe Kanye was just trying to liberate the camera so it could go back to its family.

That said, the cops could charge West with "misdemeanor criminal battery" for pouncing on the pap, but if he's willing to throw some cash at the problem, the messiness could easily disappear. And since this particular photographer has a history of taunting celebs and capitalizing on their temper tantrums, we're sure he'd happily take a check.

It's the American way, after all.

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