Beyonce's known for her long, flowing tresses. They may get her in trouble sometimes, but they're a pretty big part of her glamorous image.

Well, they were until Wednesday night, anyway -- because that's when she (apparently) cut them all off.

Without comment, Queen B posted three photos, all depicting her with a honey-colored pixie 'do. And the interwebz lost its collective mind.

Each shot got hundreds of thousands of likes, but the comments were mixed: everything from "ZOMG THAT'S AMAZING" to "you look like a dude now." And fortunately, a few people who seemed to understand how wigs and weaves work.

Because let's be real here -- most (if not all) of Bey's long hair was not homegrown. It was the result of skilled stylists paid a lot of money to make you think that was all her real hair. And apparently they did their jobs pretty well, or everyone would understand Bey probably didn't anguish over her new 'do the way mere mortals do when they lop off a foot of hair.

We're guessing what you're seeing here is a wig or maybe a transition period between more weaves and extensions. It's just hard to imagine a glamour-puss like Bey would forego the versatility of long hair permanently.

We're also guessing that somewhere, Miley Cyrus thinks someone else copied her.

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