Here's something that ought to make him think twice next time he wants to spew saliva at someone: Justin Bieber is likely to be prosecuted for supposedly spitting on his neighbor.

While the singer denies that he spat at a neighbor who had the audacity to reprimand and chastise him for driving his Ferrari at dangerous speeds in their swanky residential neighborhood, the case is now in the hands of authorities.

TMZ reports that investigators for the sheriff will refer the case to the L.A. Country District Attorney's office for review upon completion of the investigation. It is rumored that they will suggest that criminal battery charges be filed against The Biebs.

Even though the case is still being investigated, it's not looking good for the singer. He has demonstrated a pattern of bad behavior that has little to no respect for the law, such as threatening paparazzi, driving like a maniac, smoking blunts and last, but not least, going shirtless with increasing frequency. (The latter should be a separate crime in and of itself, but we digress.)

All of these bratty antics are small crimes that add up to him being a nuisance, and the Sheriff's Department also believes that the singer is on a dangerous path and needs anger management classes, regardless of his fame.

Our Rx is a little less severe. We say ditch Lil Twist, who throws parties at his pad in the singer's absence and treats his pricey cars like Kias, take a minute to get over the Selena Gomez split, and just generally take a break from the public eye -- and he'll be good as new.