Today (June 28) the celebrities were posting all kinds of pics -- scary and non -- on the Twitters, announcing their (fake) surgery plans, not caring what we think of them, and giving us many interesting things to chat about over our happy hour beverages.

Judd Apatow knows exactly what a Friday pic should be.

Unfortunately, George Wallace does not and now you’ll never be able to unsee him as Paula Deen. (Sorry. Our torture is your torture.)

We hope for Amanda Bynes' sake, this is demon removal surgery and not just her usual Twitter boohockey.

We can’t stop laughing long enough to comment on this one.

And then there was the time John Cusack thought the huge Blackhawks parade was for his birthday.

He’s a smart guy, but you might not want to take driving advice from Russell Brand.

Aisha Taylor doesn’t care what we think of her hair.

And Bill Gates gives us something to think and chat about over the weekend. Thanks Uncle Bill!