Star of the 'X-Men' franchise Hugh Jackman has made himself a household name playing tortured and slightly grumpy yet still lovable Wolverine -- a Canadian powerhouse who loves cigars and blue jeans more than he loves most things. (Well, you know, except Jean Grey.)

Recently, Jackman went on MTV's 'After Hours with Josh Horowitz' to promote the upcoming 'The Wolverine' movie and prove what a good sport he is. Especially when he was asked to read ridiculous things off some cue cards for the purpose of teaching Horowitz how to be more gravelly-voiced.

Prepare yourself for the hilarity of Wolverine saying, “I'm 100 percent sure I have a coupon for that facial cleanser,” “I would like two tickets for tonight's One Direction concert” and "What do you mean you're out of the red velvet cupcakes, bub?"

Honestly, we would have thrown a "bub" into every sentence, but that's just us. SNIKT, SNIKT, Bub.