Lots of folks have celebrity crushes, but most people have the wherewithal not to approach the objects of their affection and throw pubic hair at them. Unfortunately, one of Hugh Jackman's fans didn't get the memo.

The 'Wolverine' star was at a New York City gym working on his famous physique on April 13 when a super fan (read: "Ma'am, you need a doctor") walked up to him and emptied an electric razor filled with her nether-hairs on Jackman, all while telling him about her undying devotion.

FYI, doing this to someone will never be okay.

The crying loon was later arrested and arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court. She told police she didn't like Jackman's beard and was only brandishing the electric razor to shave it off. Because that makes her actions totally sane.

Since he's a classy guy, Jackman told TMZ that he hopes "this woman gets the help she needs."

He then went home to shower for the rest of his life.