If there's anyone who should be fearless in front of a camera, It's probably 'Wolverine' star Hugh Jackman. But before taking his role in 'Les Miserables,' he had to face a fear of close-ups -- which he supposedly did with some help from Tony Robbins.

The motivational speaker talked about Jackman's odd phobia in an interview with fancy watch magazine Haute Time. (Yeah, we're confused about this set of events too.)

"Hugh has done so many successful films over the years but he felt uncomfortable -- even at the times fearful -- during close-ups," Robbins said. "He felt he needed to free himself of this before taking on the role of Jean Valjean. In live stage performances, the man has no fear, just unbelievable power and the certainty that he can move anyone in his audience."

"I had to help him find the same state, to bring the psychology and capacity he has onstage in front of the camera, and be able to trigger it at will," he added. "To see him perform at his best and be nominated for an Academy Award was very fulfilling."

Look for another Tony Robbins interview in next month's Cat Fancy, where he'll expound upon Nick Nolte's inability to eat granola.