Cosmopolitan magazine wants to recreate one of its most iconic images -- a nude Burt Reynolds lying on a bear-skin rug -- with a modern actor for its younger readers' viewing pleasure.

NSFW photo below if your boss is against circa-1970s hairy naked dudes lolling about with strategically-covered genitals.

Cosmo editor Joanna Coles, who is also the mentor for 'Project Runway All-Stars,' is investigating the idea of recreating the iconic photo using either Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper or Daniel Craig. And uh, yeah, we're down with that.

Rumor has it that Coles was overheard pitching the idea to Jackman and Craig at the Golden Globes, but Cooper is her top choice.

Interestingly enough, Reynolds wasn't the original choice for then-Cosmo editor Helen Gurley Brown back in 1972 -- she wanted Paul Newman instead.

Burt Reynolds

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