One Direction member Harry Styles obviously angered someone at their concert in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday (Feb. 26) when not one but two shoes were thrown at the singer, hitting him in the crotch.

Who throws a shoe? Honestly? (Sorry if references to 'Austin Powers' are no longer de rigueur these days.)

The sneaker-tossing occurred while the band was chatting up the audience. One shoe flew, and when Styles asked where the other one was, it followed -- hitting him squarely in the family jewels.

Styles took every opportunity to ham up the incident by grabbing his crotch and falling over sideways like a Southern lady with the vapors before curling up in the fetal position.

After he was revived with smelling salts by his band mates, Styles fluttered his eyelashes dramatically, made the prepubescent girls scream, and the show was allowed to continue.

No word on Taylor Swift's whereabouts at the time, but someone should check on that. Since she already threw the first metaphorical stone at the Grammys, Harry should get the next one before she's allowed to render him childless with footwear.