One Direction member Harry Styles and 'Harry Potter' alum Emma Watson. It's match made in PR heaven -- or a match made in Taylor Swift hell, depending on who you're talking to.

The duo ignited the fire of the internet back in September when Styles sent a Twitter missive to Watson and told her he'd seen the first half of her movie 'Perks of Being a Wallflower.' She then asked when he was gonna get off his lazy boy band backside and see the rest.

And he responded:

That's all it took for the teens of the world to prep an imaginary wedding and create a flurry of chatter over what to name the adorkable anything-is-possible future power couple. Hemma? Swatson? The mash-ups are endless.

All of that eventually died down when Harry took up with Taylor Swift and became the inspiration for a best-selling album that hasn't even been recorded yet. So, you know, he's been a little busy.

But it seems he's spending all that free time he has now catching up on his half-finished movies, because on Jan. 21, he again sent a tweet to Watson:

Emma replied, “Yay!! So happy.” Then she quickly deleted the tweet lest the internet try to use it to knock her up with Harry's baby and force that wedding it seems to want so much.

The official word is that the pair is just friendly and nothing more, which will probably make Emma's boyfriend (her fellow Oxford student Will Adamowicz) breathe a sigh of relief.

Even if it breaks Twitter's heart.

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