George Clooney is one of Hollywood's most notorious pranksters, once having a prank war with Brad Pitt that began with Pitt writing a memo in Italian telling the crew of 'Ocean's Twelve' not to look Clooney in the eye and to refer to him as Mr. Ocean -- and Clooney retaliating by putting a bumper sticker on Pitt's car that read, "Small Penis on Board."

And somehow, 'Oceans Twelve' producer Jerry Weintraub became the unwitting victim of both his film's stars.

As he tells the story, he was in the middle of getting a massage from a beautiful young lady when Clooney came into the room with Pitt and commandeered the massage without Weintraub's knowledge. (George must have very soft hands.)

Meanwhile, Brad supposedly captured the whole thing on video. It may never wind up on YouTube, but it's probably one helluva blackmail tool.

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