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That’s James Franco’s Crib
James Franco bought this pad for the affordable -- by L.A. standards -- price of $775,000 from Emmy-winning costume designer Katherine Jane "Janie" Bryant (if you love the duds on 'Mad Men,' you have her to thank).
10 Celebrities Who Overcame Addiction
In a town where no one ever hears "no," it's no wonder why some celebrities have a tough time with addiction. However, along with fame, power and enablers come the resources to kick bad habits and get clean. Here are 10 celebs who sobered up and soared to superstardom after ge…
10 Bizarre Celebrity Items Put Up For Auction
Celebrity paraphernalia is a hot commodity. Whether it's something worn by a star or used as a prop in a movie, television show or music video there is definitely a market for remembrances of pop-culture.
Sometimes, however, that line can get a bit creepy, be it something that contains a celebrity's …
10 Celebrities Who Overcame Addiction
With celebrity status comes a world of drugs and alcohol, because this is what you spend your dosh on when you have too much to know what to do with.
Unfortunately, a lot of Hollywood types fall into this downward spiral of drug and alcohol addiction. Sometimes they are unable to get out of it for th…
10 Most Bizarre Red Carpet Dates Ever
One of the easiest ways to draw attention to yourself on the red carpet (besides wearing a horrible outfit or arriving via egg) is to bring along a date. Specifically a weird date, or a date that will have tongues wagging the very next day over the water cooler.
The celebs on this list were able to d…
10 Celebrities Who Got Pregnant After 40
Gwen Stefani may or may not be pregnant with her third child, which had us thinking about all the other celebrity mothers of the world who found themselves in the family way at 40 and up.
Within this list you will find all the stars who got pregnant after they found themselves over the hill, complete…
10 Stars Who Accidentally Shared Nude Photos
Technology is a tricky thing, and it's apparently made it easier to accidentally share naked photos of yourself with the world -- in this case not because someone stole them, but because you inadvertently posted them yourself. Whoops.
Within this list, you will find some not very tech-savvy celebs wh…
That’s Keira Knightley’s Crib
The crib belongs to Keira Knightley, who wed James Righton back in May in France. The home is being sold for around $4.77 million, assuming that the exchange rate doesn't change too much before sale time.
15 Stars With Their Tongues Out
Tongues have long been used by everyone and their mother (minus the Amish or anyone under the impression that cameras steal your souls) to liven up photographs, but it wasn't until one pop-star started using hers to excess that we could call an overuse of tongues "pulling a Miley Cyrus…
'Project Runway' Season 12: Alexander Pope
NAME: Alexander Pope
AGE: 38
FROM: New York, N.Y.
HOMETOWN: Los Angeles, Calif.
OTHER CAREERS: Costume design on Broadway and makeup artist for editorial and runway shows.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Viktor & Rolf, Alexander McQueen, Mugler (original house), Rick Owens, John Galliano, Gareth Pugh, V…
'Project Runway' Season 12: Sandro Masmanidi
NAME: Sandro Masmanidi
AGE: 28
FROM: New York, N.Y.
HOMETOWN: Krasnodar, Russia
OTHER CAREERS: Model, architectural draughtsman and jewelry designer.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Gianni Versace, Gianfranco Ferre, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Giorgio Armani and Francesco Smalto...
'Project Runway' Season 12: Dom Streater
NAME: Dom Streater
AGE: 24
FROM: Philadelphia, Penn.
HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, Penn.
OTHER CAREERS: Animal "caretaker" and restaurant hostess.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Helmut Lang, Calvin Klein, Alexander Wang, and Lanvin.
FASHION PET PEEVE: Sheer leggings that show off your undergarm…
'Project Runway' Season 12: Helen Castillo
NAME: Helen Castillo
AGE: 25
FROM: Union City, N.J.
HOMETOWN: Weehawken, N.J.
OTHER CAREERS: Hair salon assistant, outerwear and sportswear designer.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Valentino, Riccardo Tisci and Vivienne Westwood.
FASHION PET PEEVE: People who wear tights as pants...
'Project Runway' Season 12: Ken Laurence
NAME: Ken Laurence
AGE: 24
FROM: Birmingham, Ala.
HOMETOWN: Birmingham, Ala.
OTHER CAREERS: Freelance fashion designer.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Alexander McQueen and Marchesa.
FASHION PET PEEVE: None, he's a man of very few words...
'Project Runway' Season 12: Miranda Kay Levy
NAME: Miranda Kay Levy
AGE: 29
FROM: Milwaukee, Wisc.
HOMETOWN: Wilton, Wisc.
OTHER CAREERS: Gallery curator, army mechanic, librarian and daycare teacher.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Franck Sorbier and Christian Dior.
FASHION PET PEEVE: Doesn't like being called a fashionista...
'Project Runway' Season 12: Bradon McDonald
NAME: Bradon McDonald
AGE: 38
FROM: Los Angeles, Calif.
HOMETOWN: Lowville, N.Y.
OTHER CAREERS: Assistant designer, pattern maker and modern dancer for 14 years.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Charles James, Madame Gres, Valentino and Mugler...
'Project Runway' Season 12: Alexandria von Bromssen
NAME: Alexandra von Bromssen
AGE: 38
FROM: San Mateo, Calif.
HOMETOWN: Stockholm, Sweden
OTHER CAREERS: Designer, boutique owner, model and advertisement assistant.
FAVORITE DESIGNERS: Free People, Alexander McQueen, Comme des Garcons and "all the young designers from Camp Couture...

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