Just as we were about to pounce on the supposedly newly-single George Clooney, his rep had to go and slam rumors that he and former WWE wrestler/professional hanger-on Stacy Keibler are still together. Dammit.

"A story published by a London tabloid, 'The Sun,' concerning George Clooney and Stacy Keibler [is] not true," said his rep to Us Weekly about the British tabloid's claim that the notoriously commitment-shy Clooney had suddenly gotten "cold feet" about the year-long relationship. "[The story is a] total fabrication designed to sell newspapers."

The couple spent the summer at Clooney's pad in Lake Cuomo, Italy, where they lounged around like the idle rich they are -- so chances are, yeah, they're still together. Which kind of sucks.

Then again, Johnny Depp and his ladylove Vanessa Paradis were subject to the same kind of tabloid fodder before they actually did break up, so ladies? All hope is not lost.

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